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The library contains information on the history of the Empire, including some of the major characters from its 2500 year history; information about the land and important buildings and areas of the Empire; and information about Imperial politics. It also details the special troops, weapons and war machines of the Imperial army. Forward for the Emperor!


  • History of the Empireempire halberdier
  • Sigmar
  • The Age of the Elector Counts
  • Anarchy and War
  • The Great War Against Chaos
  • Summary of the Important Events in Imperial History
  • The Land of the Empire
  • The Mountains
  • The Rivers
  • The Forests
  • Cities and Settlements
  • Altdorf
  • Nuln
  • Middenheim
  • Talabheim
  • Politics of the Empire
  • The Electors
  • The Runefangs
  • door
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